What is Shinobiverse
Shinobi is a decentralized and tokenized platform that offers gamers all over the world an action-packed Triple-A gaming experience, in which participants can earn crypto currency while playing. The first game release will be ShinobiVerse. ShinobiVerse is an open-world P2E Unreal Engine/ Unity realistic graphics RPG that fully integrates NFTs, allowing players to create real value in a virtual world.


BNB Chain will help Shinobi โ€œembraceโ€ large-scale applications in GameFi. It combats the limitations inherent to blockchain systems, such as high transaction costs and slow settlement times with super-speed and low costs.
Polygon is a well-established framework preferred by many decentralized applications and GameFi projects, bringing innovative gamification to the rapidly growing Web3 and metaverse economies.
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