Game Story

ShinobiVerse Storyline
Single Player Plot
The journey begins in the fictional island of Shinath that is based in medieval Japan. The island is divided due to many years of conflict. The Shinobi, a group of mighty ninja warriors, are part of the native inhabitants of the island. You will experience the game through the eyes of a young Shinobi named Nakamoto who is the son of the famous Shinobi Nakan and the priestess Mijoto.
Nakamoto has lived in peace in the northern part of the island with his parents for his whole life, until on a certain day his village is attacked by the Tanethi. The Tanethi, who are savages from a foreign country, have been attempting to invade the island for over 50 years. They managed to set up camp in the southern region of the island. During the attack Nakamoto's village was destroyed and both of his parents were killed. The Tanethi spare Nakamoto’s life, but take him as a slave. It turns out the Shinlord Munchkin betrayed his own people out of fear for his own life and helped the Queen of the Tanethi during the attack. The Queen of the Tanethi is better known as Taltún Kasuto Shitai, an immortal warrior priestess.
After his escape from the Tanethi slave camp, Nakamoto decides to avenge his loved ones and restore the honor of his people. He plans to hunt down the traitor Minchkin. At first he lives with Nikomo, an old Shinobi warrior, who takes on the task of training and raising Nakamoto. Throughout his journey Nakamoto faces many obstacles, but he is not alone in his fight. During his escape from the slave camp he freed a young Shino girl called Shyn, she stays with Nakamoto during his journey. The story ends when Nakamoto has taken his revenge on the betrayer Minchkin. Nakamoto mysteriously vanished after his victory and was never seen again. The last time Shyn saw Nakamoto he gave her a legendary blade of which it is said that it was taken from the underworld. Because of his journey Nakamoto became a legend. Shyn and her blade became the symbol for his legacy which inspired the Shino people to rebel against the Tanethi intruders.
- Nakamoto: The main character of the singleplayer game.
- Nakan: Nakamoto’s father (only present in the prologue, gets killed by the Tanethi.)
- Mijoto: Nakomoto’s mother (only present in prologue, gets killed by the Tanethi.)
- Minchkin: The Shinlord that betrayed his own people and now leads an army of Tanethi warriors
- Nikomo: A man who has raised and trained Nakamoto. He is a sort of father figure to Nakamoto.
- Shyn: A girl who becomes a friend to Nakamoto.
- Talon: The general of the army who attacked Nakamoto and his family. A rival of Nakamoto.
- Taltún Kasuto Shitai: The Queen of the Tanethi. (Main villain)
Multiplayer Plot
The Multiplayer game takes place a few hundred years after the single player story. The characters that you have met in the main story have become legends who inspire the people of Shinath of today. The world has been divided in two, the Tanethi people have developed a lot since the start of the invasion, becoming a technologically advanced faction. They wage war from a distance now, using guns and cybernetic means of warfare. The Shino have been lacking behind from the developments of the Shinath, they live their lives as traditional people, only using the technology to keep up in the war with the Shinath.
The Tanethi have been building large cities in the northern part of the Island. Since the start of the invasion they have been transforming the land in their own futuristic ways. Local gangs have been raging terror over the common people, with crime lords holding power over parts of the cities. The wealthy people live in these advanced cities, while the poor live in the wastelands surrounding the cities. This is in complete contrast with the traditional way of life in the southern, rural, parts of the map that haven't changed a lot in the past few hundred years. The Shino people have become divided over the span of history because of this. With the people in the south opting to resist the Tanethi way of life, and the ones in the north that have sided with the Tanethi embrace their conquers, as it grants the technological advancements and an easier way of life
This is also the case for the Shinobi, they used to be warriors that defended their island against the Tanethi intruders. This is still the case with a lot of Shinobi, but some of those warriors have also offered their loyalty to the advanced cities of the Tanethi. They now live their lives as guns for hire for the highest bidder. The players of the multiplayer game are free to roam around the island of Shinath, discovering all the beauty it has to offer. A player can choose a side or stay neutral in the fight when this fits him best. Choosing a side will give the player the advantages associated with the side they chose like elemental magic or advanced weaponry.
Elements and abilities
Lets the player heal itself and use a shield when near water.
Gives the player stealth abilities. Can disguise himself with camouflage and is able to see through walls. Walking makes reduced noise
Mostly an offensive system, lets you heat your weapons for extra damage, Ups your stamina.
Gives the player agility perks. Able to fly for a short amount of time, able to sprint for a longer period.
In-game activities
There is a wide variety of in-game activities to ensure that there are ways to progress whilst earning XP and rewards (currency and NFT’s). Each player can choose how they want to grow as a player. There will be unique rewards which are tied to an activity or event.
Short story quests
Players encounter different short story quests scattered around the map. Players will always be able to decide to engage or not. Short story quests will involve: Helping people in need, hunting mythical beasts based on Japanese folklore, stealth quests, boss fights, and hunting down betrayers of the Shinobi. The quests will be assigned by The Ancient Rebellion, now a legendary cult who rebels against the Tanethi in honor of Nakamoto or by the Tanethi themselves.
Some examples of these short story quests are:
- The player is assigned to hunt down dangerous beasts that terror farmer villages.
- You go on short journeys with other players, freeing an area of dangerous beasts.
- The player is tasked with exploring secret areas of the island, giving them special rewards.
- The player is sent out to kill an important Tanethi general, in the form of a stealth mission.
- The player is tasked with repairing destroyed shrines and temples, giving the player rewards and a better reputation.
- Criminals have taken over local inns or casinos, which the player must defeat.
- Exposing illegal Arena fights organized by criminals. You can do this in the form of stealth missions, where you infiltrate forbidden territories and scout for illegal activity.
- The player is tasked with assessing other online players because they have a bad reputation, or a high reward is placed on them by another player.
Players will take on Tanethi war camps scattered around the island. You can do this with multiple players or by yourself. A reward system will be prevalent. If a player has invaded the enemy camp, he’ll receive some special rewards like new armor, swords, guns, perks, etc.
When a player has defeated the Tanethi boss (which sometimes is another player), he receives a small army as a reward. A player can use this small army when attacking other war camps, granting him a higher level of power.
Treasure hunts
There are multiple treasures scattered around the map. Treasures can be picked up by players and held for a longer time or grant and reward that is only there for a certain time.. players can look for treasures hidden around the island. When a player finds a treasure he can either immediately open it and earn a small reward, or he can wait and keep it with him for a longer period of time. Other players will get a notification and hunt the treasure holder down. If a player chooses to open a chest right away he will get the reward in the chest. (blade, gun, skin, etc.) If a player chooses to keep the treasure with him for a longer period of time: The treasure will become more rewarding the longer a player has the treasure with him.
Bounty hunts
Players can hunt other players that have a bounty on their head. Players can receive a bounty for being a high ranking player. This will increase the tension between players because an experienced player will face multiple enemies.
Mythical Shino beasts quests
The Shino beasts lay terror on villages on the island, and need to be killed to keep the countryside safe. Some beasts can also be tamed and recruited. They are beasts enhanced with cybernetic technology. Players can hunt beasts for rewards. Mythical beasts are scattered around the world, and players can be tasked to hunt them down. A level up system will be implemented, making some beasts too strong to hunt down at a lower level
-Experience points
-Currency (in-game)
-Transportation (vehicles and mounts).
-Land/ real estate.
Map Layout
North - Urban / Snowy
East - Desert
South - Rural/ Rocky
West - Urban / Jungle
During the multiplayer the northern and western parts are where the large urban areas are. This futuristic lifestyle is part of the Tanethi lifestyle. The Shinobi live a more rural lifestyle in small villages in the southern part of the island. Throughout the island there is a large variety in the landscapes. Each with their own unique appearances and creatures.
Visual content
Appearance: At the start of the story, he is a young boy with black hair and green eyes. He is clothed in suited clothing for a cold climate. When we start the gameplay, he is a man of average height with long black hair, and a stubble.
Character traits: He is a brooding man because of his past. He is heroic and loyal to others. He has only one goal: revenge. Furthermore, he is willing to help others and treat them with respect, but is very focussed on his main goal. He doesn’t flinch when he has to kill, and is easily annoyed.
Appearance: In the main story, she is a 10-year-old girl, she wears a kimono, has dark eyes, and brown hair. She is a 30-year-old woman in multiplayer mode, and wears the blade of Nakamoto on her hip at all times. She stayed young due to the magical effects of the blade.
Character traits: She is brave and determined to fight against the Tanethi. She is kind to everyone, but is also very stubborn. She looks up to Nakamoto, and leads the army in memory of him. Not only that, but she is a very capable commander.
Appearance: A tall man with braided hair. Has a menacing gaze.
Character traits: A stone-cold killer who is only out for his own purposes. A sociopath who sided with the enemy for wealth and his own safety.
Appearance: He is dressed as a ninja and has a scarred face. He has a slender body and is rather old. He became a Shinobi when he was in his mid 50s.
Character traits: He is very loyal to Nakamoto, he controls his emotions and is relaxed most of the time. He doesn’t like to fight and stays out of conflicts most of the time. He is a father figure to Nakamoto.
Taltún Kasuto Shitai: The Queen of the Tanethi.
Appearance: blonde/ white hair with bright blue eyes. Wears the clothes of a priestess combined with the bodypaint and armor of a warrior.
Character traits: The name Kasuto Shitai, Japanese for Shore of Corpses (In Norse mythology: Nástrǫnd "Corpse Shore" is a place in Hell where) is given to her for a reason. She is the bringer of hell and death everywhere she goes. She doesn't care for anyone, not even herself. Her only goal in life is to conquer land and spread the beliefs (God) of her ancestors.
Different elemental Temples:
Earth(based on Mayan temples)
Air(Based on traditional Japanese Temples)
Fire(Based on Gothic temples)
Water(Based on Atlantis and Ancient Greece)