Shinobi NFT's

NFT Marketplace

In the NFT Marketplace, players and non-players can buy, sell, auction, exchange and rent out NFT items, which are regularly available in limited numbers and editions. Additionally, players can use NFT items in-game and sell rent or exchange them to other players. Players are also able to sell their account.

NFT Rent System

Rent out your NFTs (property, vehicles, companies, etc) to players and get up to 75% in withdrawal fees, i.e. a passive income.

NFT Company

Start a business and become an NFT company owner to receive monthly SHINO Token rewards.

Farming System

Play a minigame to generate rewards in the form of tokens. Cash it out or trade for NFT items.

Staking System

Every user of the Shinobi game platform has the opportunity to stake SHINO Tokens to get NFT items and ingame benefits.


Every SHINO Token holder is eligible to receive SHINO tokens which are redistributed from token transaction fees.