The Game
We take you into the world of Shinobi, a world where you work your way up โ€“ a world where only the strongest and smartest players survive.
Form groups, create alliances, become stronger and move through time. The game contains several islands, each with a different time perk. As a player you move between these islands and travel in time.
As a ninja, you start the game in the medieval era. Here it is important that you get to know the game and the players around you. Collect XP and tokens by killing others and work your way up.
There are different types of homes available to buy and own in the cities, such as apartments, villas and clubhouses. Each era has its own unique gangs, and users can sign up to take advantage of the benefits that these groups bring. Shinobi is an action-adventure game where participants play real-life scenarios and complete missions to progress through the story.
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