Jobs, Missions & Events

To generate income as a player, your in-game character must complete jobs, missions and events. Every week we have events – such as car races, boxing matches, quizzes and deathmatch gang fights – at which prizes can be won. Successfully completed missions bring additional income or items. And you can complete missions with other players to get your rewards more easily. There are many jobs, both legal and illegal, that characters can undertake.
On the white-collar side, characters can work as managers, cab drivers, auto mechanics and so on. On the not-so-legitimate side, characters can become gang members, car thieves and so on.


Now that you have entered the world of Shinobi, you will need to protect yourself and your possessions. In Shinobiverse, you are the hunter or the hunted, the killer or the killed. You are never safe, so be on your guard at all times. Take great care!
There is no neutral position in ShinobiVerse. It is hunt or be hunted.
There are a number of gangs in the city that you can join, and it is smart to join a gang that controls your neighbourhood… or maybe start your own.

Brains, brawn and brotherhood

Live the Shinobi life as you wish. Are you impetuous and always living on the edge? Then join the Yakuza gang that controls the Yakuza district. Loyalty is everything to the Yakuza. Disloyalty results in death.
If you prefer to plan carefully and think strategically, then look out for the dreaded Mafia faction that controls the entire Mafia district. There are several such gangs in Shinobiverse; each controlling their part of the city and scheming ruthlessly to become the ultimate bosses of the era. But no matter how you like to play, there is room for everyone in Shinobiverse.